ActivateUTS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to giving University of Technology Sydney students a richer campus experience. They manage a range of programs and commercial businesses. My role was based in the Marketing & Communications team who worked with the various departments (clients) to promote, engage, and communicate their offerings/products to students and the public. 

From November 2019 to November 2021, I worked as the Communications Officer looking after all organic social media channels for ActivateUTS including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (deleted after departure), as well as Haberfield Rowers Club and Restaurant (Facebook, Instagram), ActivateFit.Gym (Facebook, Instagram), and The Loft UTS (Facebook, Instagram).  I also worked on the monthly email newsletter, email campaigns, copy for web and flyers, and paid social advertising. 

In 15 months, I increased the ActivateUTS Instagram following organically by 104% and increased the engagement rate from 1% to 5%, developed and launched a TikTok strategy, and scouted and worked with UTS students to create content such as Instagram takeovers and TikTok videos. This was all during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Below are some examples of my work during this time and favourite content pieces I created/briefed. 

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