I explored video in my undergraduate degree producing Into The Lion's Den: Beauty Forged In Flames, however, would like to develop my skills and experience in video further in the future.

In my Global Music class, we were asked to create a 15 minute documentary for an assignment. The documentary had to explore the concepts of world music, and whether world music truly exists as a music genre. I lead a group of four to create the documentary that looks at L-FRESH The LION, and his take on world music.

L-FRESH The LION is a Hip-Hop artist from Western Sydney. He has quickly become a popular name in Australian music with his unique music tying in his own cultural and ancestral roots which trace back to the Sikhs from Punjab, India. I liaised with L-FRESH The LION and his label to make this happen, filmed the entire video, and edited, and produced the final video you see here. After the completion of this project, I was a photographer for L-FRESH The LION for his performance at NYE On The Hill in 2016, and his performance at Groovin' The Moo in 2017.

Into The Lion's Den: Beauty Forged In Flames, 2016

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