I am a highly developed writer and content producer for publications, and social media. I started writing when I developed and launched my own music blog called Red + Black Rockstar at 15 years old. Content for this blog was sourced and written by myself. I was able to feature interviews with artists I liked including Masketta Fall, Her Bright Skies, and Storm The Sky, and also reviewed live performances and albums. 

From this, I have gone onto write for many publications including SF Media, Loud Online, Speaker TVHijacked, Project U, Rip It Up, and Mushroom. I have been published in magazines such as Girlfriend, DOLLY, Me MagazineOn Dit and Empire Times. I also started writing my own travel blog in late 2016 called Where Is Tori to coincide with my Instagram account, however this blog is currently inactive due to time constraints. I hope to continue this blog soon. 

I am skilled in producing reviews, interviews (in all forms), news, features, and reports. I am also capable of managing websites, and social media channels. 

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